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The ‘Education Wing” thebigone

Published Articles and Chapters

The Sheet of Glass

Published in

“Edward Bond and the Dramatic Child”, Edited by David Davis

Published by Trentham Books, 2005

The Short Electra

Published in

DRAMA,  by National Drama, 2006 and

“The Journal of NATD”, 2006

Why Bond Matters (Zipped)

Published in

DRAMA,  by National Drama, 2009 and

“The Journal of NATD”, 2010

The above pieces have been  published variously by

National Drama  (

NATD (National Association for the Teaching of Drama),

( and

Trentham Books (

They each explore work and ideas around playwright and thinker Edward Bond, who I regard as an  important and neglected  ‘giant’ of our culture.

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