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Theatre Writing              (Click on hyperlinks (underlined words)  to see a selection of scenes)

Hard Shoulder

Pete’s is an empty life. Brought to his knees by  a shopping baron  and  rescued by a motorway maniac,  he sees his life crumble and his family abandon him. Whilst the homeless look on. Comic, dangerous, energetic.

Presented at Bolton Octagon as a North-west Playwrights’ Workshop June '96

Given full production at the Riverside Studios by London New Play Festival. 2 week run Sept '96


Jay has been murdered for laughing. His sister chained to a radiator for her own protection. The clowning killer is at large. An angel trapped in a car looking to be his next victim. Do we abandon hope? Dark, comic, lyrical.

Given a workshop reading at the Lyric, Hammersmith by London New Play Festival May '97

Performed by the Royal Court Theatre’s Young People's Theatre, London Nov '97


A gun-man in the gym. A school under siege. A head-teacher crumbling. Students in need and in revolt. Staff in meltdown. Machiavellian deputy waits in the wings to restore order. Ancient trees in the school field.  Vivid, stark, darkly comic.

(commissioned by Bare Witness,and performed, at the Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester  1998)

Monster,( I Went To School With Noel Gallagher)

A short comic fantasy on celebrity rock and roll and our working class heroes.  Fat Elvis, babies and Mark Chapman take aim  in the stalls of a home-coming stadium gig. Fairy-tale on acid rock.

Performed by Bare Witness, Dukes 92, Manchester, 1997

Dust and Honey and Knives and Wine  

Fractured Callum needs a place to escape ‘the ward’; his father’s cottage on the moors. The family gather around him. As the wild  presses in  from the hills ...  the fractures spread.  

A piece of “Interrupted-naturalism”. A Family Drama.

Rehearsed script in hand at Royal Exchange Theatre  Dec ‘99

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