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The ‘Education Wing” thebigone


A godless priest slips his moorings on the death of his own  devoted house-keeper .  A battle ensues with the pious American relative over the soul of  heart-broken young Sarah.  The riverside is calling.

Two day intensive workshop at Soho Theatre, London Oct 01

Talking Skim Stone Blues

Mani needs to know the source.  He skips through the sites of his life - home, school, shopping centre - in a volatile, crazy pilgrimage to wards the walled community of the malevolent, omnipotent Orf.

fOffered a production space at the Man In The Moon Theatre Nov 01    


Outrageously large Dor haunts the cakeshop that has made him fat.  His divine girl-friend leads off the school-girl, cake-shop staff. A terrorist attack on a sugar-ice palace ensues.

Made the long list of Northwest Playwrights Striking Silver commissioning competition May 08

For Young People


A sci-fi musical fantasy for a large cast. When  the parallel universe breaks through at  the PTA Dinner Party things will never be the same. Children are vanishing. Will they  notice?

Promised Land

History speaks to the contemporary child. A coalescence of the stories of Rosa Parks, Ghandi’s march to the Sea and the Peterloo Massacre. A memory of popular protest.

A n even larger-scale play with music.

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